The Aschiana Foundation is operated by a Board of Directors comprised of uncompensated volunteers with experience working with humanitarian, education and other programs in the United States, the Middle East and Asia.

Board of Directors


President: Sanya Younossi
Vice-President: Sima Calkin
Recording Secretary: Louise Shimizu
Treasurer: Nicole Myers Little
Immediate Past President: Mary Jo Myers
President emeritus: Patricia Silberman

Board of Directors:

Sima Calkin
Leslie Cunningham
Nadia Hashimi
Muggy Hoffman
Candice Hughes
Merry Inderfurth
Nicole Myers Little
Tamana Mansury
Mary Jo Myers
Louise Shimizu
Patricia Silberman
Sanya Younossi

Legal Counsel

Mr. Filiberto Agusti, pro-bono, Steptoe & Johnson