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Aschiana (“nest” in Dari) was founded in 1995 by Engineer Yousef Mohamed to help street children in Kabul, Afghanistan. He witnessed the desperation and poor conditions of children he encountered on the street and established Aschiana to provide a refuge where they could learn educational and vocational skills.

Operated uninterrupted for more than fifteen years, Aschiana has trained, nourished and mentored more than 50,000 children and young adults. With assistance from the European Community’s Non-Governmental Organization, Terre des Hommes, and supporters from the United States, Aschiana began its activities in March 1995 in Shari-I-Naw area of Kabul city with the aim to address the needs of children begging and working on the streets. By 1998 four centers had been established throughout Kabul and in 2002 a center opened to accelerate education of older girls.

In Kabul, Aschiana operates a number of centers, including one center for older girls who receive vocational training and basic education, and one emergency center for children separated from their families. Aschiana also provides home-based schooling in modest houses for girls unable to seek education in the centers.

Aschiana In AfghanistanAt present Aschiana in Afghanistan is engaged in: