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Give to our Winter Drive! 

Today, it is estimated that 1.2 million Afghans have become refugees in their own country and are living in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps. That staggering figure includes hundreds of thousands of children – the very people who are the nation’s future. They live in unimaginable conditions, on the edge of survival with little access to food, education or health care. Winter temperatures in Afghanistan drop to -15 °F, endangering the lives of these children and their families.

Aschiana Foundation is asking for your help to give families the basic essentials they need to withstand Afghanistan’s harsh winter conditions. We invite you to join our effort and ACT NOW to help prevent such unnecessary suffering.

For less than one dollar a day, you can provide children and their families with the following provisions for two months:

  • Blankets
  • Rice
  • Cooking oil

Every $40 you give will purchase one blanket and enough rice and cooking oil to feed a family for 2 months. Help us provide these at-risk children hot meals and a warm place to sleep. Every bit helps!

Any donation is greatly appreciated and fully tax-deductible. To make a contribution and for more information about our work, please use the buttons above.

Thank you for your support and know that the Aschiana Foundation works hard to make sure every penny is used as effectively as possible.

Warmest regards,

— The Aschiana Foundation Board