$25/month for one year
$300/a year for one year

Aschiana: Sponsor a Child

With a donation of only $25 per month ($300 per year including administrative costs), you can make it possible for a child to stop working on the streets and to attend school full time. We welcome donations from individuals, organizations and companies.

Aschiana serves children who cannot attend school full time because they must work to support themselves and their families. Many children have lost one or both of parents and are the main income earner for the family. On the streets they polish shoes and sell matches, cigarettes and chewing gum earning an average of $20 a month. If a child attends school regularly, the family loses essential revenue.

Through Aschiana, it is possible to sponsor a child to receive basic educational tutoring so they are able to enter the state sponsored school system. Once in the program, Aschiana helps the child attend school by providing them with food, clothing, stationery and necessary hygiene supplies. Assistance is also provided to their families. Each month, a child in the Sponsor-a-Child program who comes to Aschiana with an adult member of the family receives $20 to compensate for the money the child would have otherwise earned from working on the streets.

Donations to the Aschiana Foundation are deductible from federal income tax pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.

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