President’s Message 2012

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To All the Supporters of Aschiana:

With the US military involvement in Afghanistan winding down in 2014 and the reduction of international aid to that country, the working street children of Afghanistan need Aschiana more than ever. The conditions in which these unintended victims of war live are squalid, exposing them to terrible lung, skin and digestive track diseases and lack of education. There are no systems in the country that can address their problems. This is exactly why Aschiana was founded by an Afghan in Afghanistan in 1995 and continues to serve more than 7,000 children each day. As a grassroots organization, it will be there long after all the foreign troops and aid have departed.

Aschiana is proud that it can be a source of good news coming out of Afghanistan. Our new Children’s Center is being well utilized to teach working street children basic academic and hygiene skills. And, a program for children with special needs is serving a population that was previously ignored by the Afghan educational system. A new medical clinic for the children will open at the Center by year end. The building has also served as a secure storage space for items and food that will be needed by people in the displaced persons camps this winter, ensuring these things will reach their intended populations.

We are grateful for your interest in and support of Aschiana. We will endure because of you. Thank you.

Best wishes,

— Mary Jo Myers and Alisa Stack, Presidents