President’s Message, 2016

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Dear Friends of Aschiana,

As the Western nations have begun to drawdown their presence and significantly reduce their funding support in Afghanistan, grassroots programs such as those provided by Aschiana, need to be supported more than ever.

Tens of thousands of Afghan children work in high-risk conditions on the streets and thousands more have been displaced in their own country – living in the most inhumane and unimaginable conditions. By working on the streets and being internally displaced, these children have become more susceptible to exploitation and other undesirable activities – thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty, violence, and insecurity.

For more than two decades, Aschiana’s programs in Afghanistan have provided children who are working on the streets and those in the IDP camps with basic education, healthcare, psychosocial recovery support, recreational activities, vocational training, and the opportunity to grow and develop in a safe environment. Their work has been applauded by many organizations and leaders. In 2015, Aschiana’s programs received a medal for the best humanitarian organization in Afghanistan by Afghan President, Mr. Ashraf Ghani.

Thanks to your generous support, thousands of Afghan children and their families have benefited from Aschiana’s programs. However, today more than ever, they need our continued support.

With much gratitude,

Sanya N. Younossi