The amount of internally displaced people in Afghanistan is alarming. In order to help those who have been forced into homelessness Aschiana runs in camps throughout Afghanistan.

Aschiana in the IDP Camps provides thousands of children and adults with:

  • Basic educational classes – to help integrate the children to formal schools.
  • Recreational activities– art and sports are fun and educational activities that keep the childrens’ minds and bodies healthy.
  • Lectures raising awareness – for the families and others in the community regarding children rights and protection.
  • Stationary – books, notebooks, pencils etc.
  • Basic hygiene materials– shampoo, nail cutter, towels, toothpaste etc. are provided and replaced every 3 months.

Winter’s in Afghanistan are especially harsh, reaching temperatures below 15 °F. Aschiana’s Winter Aid program supplies those in need with coats, blankets, proper shoes and hot meals that they would otherwise be without. To learn more or donate click here.