In 2011, Aschiana Foundation was proud to announce the opening of this center – also referred as the Headquarter. Built on land now owned by Aschiana Afghanistan, the Children Center was designed by the Aga Khan Foundation modeled from a modest, functional, u-shaped building that utilizes traditional Afghan architectural elements and local materials. Walls built around the property’s perimeter provide a secure outdoor space for play, sports and a garden.

The Aschiana Children’s Centre facilitates:

  • 24 classrooms
  • Health clinic
  • Clean bathrooms
  • A Library
  • Music rooms
  • A kitchen for preparing hot meals
  • Secure open space for recreational and outdoor activities
  • Administrative rooms

Aschiana in Kabul’s Main Center provides thousands of children with:

  • Basic educational classes – to help integrate the children to formal schools.
  • Tailoring lessons – skills that will allow them to work and to support themselves and their families after their graduation.
  • Carpentry and masonry lessons – skills that will provide them job opportunities upon graduation.
  • Computer lessons – to help integrate the children to formal schools.
  • Recreational activities – art and sports are fun and educational activities that keep the childrens’ minds and bodies healthy.
  • Nutritious meals – for many of the children, the centre is their only source of hot meals.
  • Lectures raising awareness – for the families and others in the community regarding children rights and protection.
  • Stationary – books, notebooks, pencils etc.

Aschiana Foundation - New Children's Center